All the must-know tips for visiting Casa Mila

The Casa Mila is the most famous attraction in Barcelona, but it is often busy with huge crowds.

Tackling such crowds can be a massive task. However, it is best to plan properly for a successful trip.

To foresee this, planning your itinerary is as important as knowing a few tips and tricks before your visit.

This article will show you all the tips for visiting Casa Mila in the best way possible.

1. Purchase your tickets in advance

To start with tips for visiting Casa Mila, purchasing your tickets in advance tops the list.

There’s a reason for it. Every year, over a million tourists visit Casa Mila to admire its beauty, making it one of Spain’s busiest places.

So, if you visit the site without any early booking, you will have to stand in long lines under the hot sun.

Hence, we advise you to purchase a Casa Mila entry ticket online in advance, which will help you skip the lines and allow you to enjoy discounts.

2. Use the Audio Guide for a better experience

You get audio guides with your entry tickets to Casa Mila.

They are helpful in two ways:

  • It is available in two languages: Spanish and English.
  • The audio guide will help you understand the history and architecture of the site in a better way.

You can even get the audio guide for free at the audio desk.

3. Go early or late to avoid crowds

The best time to visit Casa Mila is from 9 am to 10 am as it is the least crowded during this time.

You can have a peaceful experience and explore the building even better with fewer people bustling around you.

Another time to avoid crowds will be after 4 pm when you can click some amazing pictures during the sunset.

You can read our article to learn more about Casa Mila’s best time to visit.

4. Casa Mila dress code

There is no dress code at Casa Mila. However, it is requested to create a respectful and inclusive environment for all visitors. 

It is best to avoid clothing with large logos, bright colors, or flashy patterns. It also includes clothing with religious or political symbols.

Another excellent tip for visiting Casa Mila is to wear comfortable shoes and casual clothing for your tour.

As you will need to climb many stairs and walk around a bit, wearing heels, crocs, or any other uncomfortable footwear will cause you distress.

There are often sellouts, and lines at Casa Mila can often last 20–30 minutes.

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5. Take your time at Casa Mila

Exploring the famous building takes about two to three hours.

But this entirely depends on your interest level and the type of ticket you purchase.

We suggest taking your time at this architectural wonder, as it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Make sure to tour the site, from the rooftop terrace and the apartments to the iron grills in the basement.

The apartment is closed to nighttime visitors. Book your Casa day tour now!

6. Don’t miss out on the night tour

As a visitor guide to Casa Mila, we recommend you book the night tour.

It is an exciting addition with a Gaudi guide that gives you extra behind-the-scenes facts and stories about the attraction.

The tour introduces the building, where tourists can see an audiovisual of its origin.

A glass of Cava (a famous sparkling wine in Spain) further follows this in the courtyard. The Casa Mila night tour is two hours long.

It starts from 9 pm to 11 pm from March to 3 November and from 7 pm to 11 pm from 4 November to February.

Learn more about the Casa Mila opening hours after reading our article.

7. Explore the unseen with a guided tour 

A regular entrance ticket grants you access to the main areas of the building, but what if you could explore spaces inside Casa Milà that most people never get to see?

By purchasing this guided tour of Casa Mila, you will get exclusive access to restricted areas: the old basement car park, rear facade, and first-floor corridor.

This La Pedrera Essential Tour also takes you through all five floors of the building, including the following:

  • The Warrior Rooftop, with 360-degree views of Barcelona
  • The Whale Attic, the former laundry room at the top of the building, which now houses the Gaudi Exhibition
  • The Tenants’ Apartment, which recreates the life of a Barcelona bourgeois family in the early 20th century
  • The Flower Courtyard (on Passeig de Gràcia) and the Butterfly Courtyard (on Carrer Provença)
  • The Milà Family’s Apartment, on the main floor, houses the Foundation’s Exhibition Room (only open when there is an exhibition)

For just €28 per person, you can get a 90-minute guided small-group tour with a Barcelona architecture expert.

You can cancel or reschedule your ticket 24 hours before the tour.

8. Casa Mila rules and regulations 

  • Smoking is not permitted inside Casa Mila
  • You can bring food from outside
  • Pets and animals are not allowed inside the building except for service dogs
  • Flash photography is strongly prohibited
  • Avoid phone calls inside the building to avoid disturbing others
  • No suitcases or large luggage are permitted. However, you can keep them in the luggage area
  • The attraction is wheelchair-accessible
  • A unique discount code is available at Casa Mila for local Catalans
  • Do not touch the works of art or exhibits
  • Avoid crowding, rushing, or obstructing the movement of other visitors
  • Smoking, eating, or drinking
  • Throwing objects from the rooftop onto the courtyards or streets is prohibited
  • Do not display any posters, banners, or protest performances

9. Remember the admission policy for Casa Mila

Visitors must show their ticket at the entrance, and, in the case of reduced or free admission, the ticket must be kept until you leave the building.

Children under the age of sixteen must be accompanied by an adult throughout the visit.

Bags, rucksacks, or similar accessories shall be checked at the entrance for security reasons.

To this end, access to the building will not be permitted when carrying objects considered dangerous (knives, penknives, etc.).

Pets (except guide dogs) are not allowed into the building.

10. Tips for taking pictures in Casa Mila

Access to the building with professional photographic equipment is not permitted. 

Taking photographs, video, or film images of the building and using tripods is subject to special permission from the Press Department.

The building prohibits visitors from entering with professional photographic equipment.

However, you can use your phone camera and click on the best spots to capture Antoni Gaudi’s masterpiece.

Another guide to visiting Casa Mila: clicking a picture from the rooftop terrace will give you the most stunning backdrop.

11. Accessibility for people with physical disabilities at Casa Mila

Casa Milà (La Pedrera) is accessible to people who use wheelchairs. There are lifts and ramps connecting the floors. 

The courtyards, the Pedrera Apartment, the Espai Gaudí, the exhibition rooms, the Laie book and gift shop, and the Auditorium and the Gaudí Room are all accessible.

There are disabled toilet facilities on the ground floor, Pedrera Apartment (fourth floor), and exhibition rooms (main floor). 

Wheelchair users are accompanied by La Pedrera staff when using the adapted lifts.

Overall, Casa Milà is a very accessible building for people with physical disabilities.


Is it worth going inside Casa Mila?

Yes, as one of the most famous attractions in Barcelona, many visitors find visiting Casa Mila worth it.

Its innovative modernist architecture is a wave of fresh air that perfectly demonstrates the brilliance of Antoni Gaudi.

What is unique about Casa Milà?

Casa Mila, also known as La Pedrera, is Antoni Gaudi’s most iconic work of civic architecture.

When you visit there, you will be blown away by the apartments’ curtain wall facade and ornamental and decorative solutions.

This style of construction was considered revolutionary during the 20th century.

How much time do you need at Casa Mila?

Most visitors usually spend two to three hours at Casa Mila.

But if you are under a time constraint, we recommend budgeting at least 1.5 hours for your visit.

How do I skip the lines at Casa Milà?

The best and most efficient way to skip the line is by purchasing skip-the-line entry tickets.

It helps you avoid long queues and saves time.

Casa Mila, one of the popular attractions in Barcelona, is often bustling with tourists.

Is there a dress code for Casa Mila?

There is no dress code for Casa Mila.

You can wear clothing of your choice, but make sure it’s comfortable, as you will have to climb stairs.

Featured Image: Tripadvisor.in

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