How to get to Casa Mila – By Metro, Bus, Car

Casa Mila is located in Barcelona, Spain, and is one of the city’s most significant landmarks.

Casa Mila Address: Pg. de Gràcia, 92, 08008 Barcelona, Spain Get Directions

The attractions stand in the famous streets of Passeig de Gracia, making it easier to reach via public transport like the subway, bus, Renfe, and bike rental.

Tourists and locals enjoy its proximity to famous landmarks, upscale restaurants, and shops.

Here’s a handy guide with all the details you need to know about how to get to Casa Mila conveniently.

Casa Mila map

🚍Bus: V15, V17, H10, H8, 7, 22, 24, 6, 33, 34

🚇Subway: Line 3 and 5. Station Diagona

🚊Renfe: Station Passeig de Gràcia

🚎FGC: Station Provença – La Pedrera

By Subway

Duration: 2 minutes

Nearest Station: Diagonal (200 meters)

Taking the subway is the fastest way to reach Casa Mila.

You can take L3 (green line) or L5 (blue line) to reach the diagonal station.

After you reach the station, take the southwest route along the Avinguda Diagonal, where you can spot several shops and cafes.

Walk for approximately 200 meters, and you will reach Carrer de Provença. Take a left turn from here.

As you walk on Provenca Street, you will spot Casa Mila on the left-hand side; owing to its unique structure, it is hard to miss.

By Bus

Duration: 3 minutes

Nearest Station: Ruta Provincial 1 (180 meters away)

The cheapest way to get to Casa Mila is by bus.

Given its proximity to the bus station, you can cover the distance to Casa Mila in just a few minutes.

The common bus routes to La Pedrera are V15, V17, H10, H8, 7, 22, 24, 6, 33, and 34.

Before you board the bus, ensure you check the schedule at the station. 

By Renfe

Duration: 10 minutes

Nearest station: Plaça Catalunya (1.7 kilometers)

Traveling by Renfe is the fastest way to reach Casa Mila.

After arriving at the Plaça Catalunya, walk towards the main exit, which you will be able to spot easily.

The station is a significant transportation hub, so the signage around here will be clear and everywhere.

Once you exit the station, start walking towards the famous street of Passeig de Gracia. After 1.7 kilometers, you will reach Casa Mila.

By Car

Duration: 8 minutes

Distance: 1.2 kilometers 

Driving is the most comfortable and convenient way to reach your destination.

You can find a suitable northwest road towards Passeig de Gracia, as this is the main street to the Casa.

Once you reach Passeig, drive for 1.2 kilometers, which will take approximately 8 minutes.

While driving, look for the curved facade with curtain walls and rooftop sculptures to spot La Pedrera.

After reaching there, wait in line, or if you have online entry tickets, skip the line and enter inside directly.

Parking near Casa Mila

Casa Mila Barcelona has its own underground parking facility for its visitors.

It is located on the basement level, making it convenient for drivers to park their cars.

But as it is a popular location, there is a possibility that the parking spot will be booked or busy during the day.

It is a good thing that many parking spots are available in the Casa Mila vicinity.

Some parking spots near the attraction are:

There are some more parking garages near Casa Mila, including:

  • Saba Pau Clarís – 180 meters away, open 24 hours

  • NN Valencia II – 500 meters away, open 24 hours

  • NN Bruc – 600 meters away, open 24 hours

  • NN Concept – 700 meters away, is open from 7 am to 11 pm (Monday to Friday) and from 6 am to 10 pm (Saturday and Sunday)

By Cycling

Duration: 16 minutes

You can rent a bicycle if you are a fitness freak or want to admire the Barcelona streets.

Several rental services and dedicated biking shops offer to rent bicycles for a specific period.

Barcelona offers safe street lanes, making it secure for bikers to continue their route.

You can follow bike-friendly leads from the city center, like Passeig de Gracia or Carrer de Provença. 

By Foot

Duration: 16 minutes

You can also walk to the Casa Mila address from the city center.

This way, you can explore the beautiful streets of Barcelona and check out the stunning Spanish architecture on your way.

However, make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes and carry a water bottle with you.

Close to Casa Mila


Where is Casa Mila located?

The Casa is located in Barcelona, Spain.

The Casa Mila Barcelona address is Pg. de Gràcia, 92, 08008 Barcelona, Spain.

What are the different ways to reach Casa Milà?

You can reach Casa Mila by subway/metro, bus, Renfe, car, cycle, and walking.

Which is the closest train station to Casa Milà?

The closest train station to Casa Mila is Plaça Catalunya.

It is 10 minutes, or 1.7 kilometers, away from the attraction.

Is parking available at Casa Milà?

An underground parking facility is available at Casa Mila.

Other spots near the Casa are Pàrquing Saba Bamsa Passeig de Gràcia-Mallorca, Estació de Sants, and Parking BSM Ona Glòries.

Can I cycle to Casa Milà?

Yes, you can cycle to Casa Mila.

Many rental options are available, including bike sharing and rental shop centers around the city center.

Taking the Passeig de Gracia, which is 1.2 kilometers away, you can cover the distance quickly in eight minutes.

Featured Image: Tripadvisor.in

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