Casa Mila to La Sagrada Familia – Bus, Subway, Taxi, Walk

Casa Mila and Sagrada Família are two of Antoni Gaudí’s most iconic masterpieces and popular tourist attractions in Barcelona.

With their proximity, many people include both attractions in their itineraries on a single day.

Although they are located in different neighborhoods, it is easy to get from Casa Milà to Sagrada Família by public transportation or on foot. 

The journey time is around 7 minutes, and the distance is around 2 km.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to reach Sagrada Familia from Casa Mila and vice versa.

Casa Mila Address:  Pg. de Gràcia, 92, 08008 Barcelona, Spain
La Sagrada Familia Address: C/ de Mallorca, 401, 08013 Barcelona, Spain

Sagrada Familia to Casa Mila distance

Mode of transportDuration
Subway7 mins
Bus16 mins
Bus Line 34 (transfer)29 mins
Taxi4 mins
Walking19 mins

How to reach Sagrada Familia from Casa Mila

Here are all the ways to reach Sagrada Familia from Casa Mila.

By Subway

The subway is the most convenient and efficient way to get from Casa Mila to Sagrada Família. 

The journey takes less than 10 minutes and costs only €2.

To get to the subway from Casa Mila, walk north on Passeig de Gràcia for about 9 minutes until you reach the Diagonal station

Take the L5 train (blue line) towards Vall d’Hebron. Get off at the next stop, Sagrada Família.

The L5 train runs every 10 minutes, and the journey from Diagonal to Sagrada Família takes about 2 minutes.

Using the subway to cover the La Sagrada Familia and Casa Mila distances is the best option for budget travelers.

By Bus

To get to Sagrada Família from Casa Mila by bus, you can take the H10 bus. The bus stop is outside Casa Milà, on Diagonal – Bruc.

The bus ride takes approximately 3 minutes and drops you off right outside Sagrada Família, on Pg de Sant Joan – Pl Mossèn Jacint Verdaguer.

The bus runs every 5 minutes, so the waiting time shouldn’t be long.

Or else you can walk eleven minutes from the Casa to the Pg De Gràcia – Aragó station.

Take the N9 bus line towards the Tiana (Edith Llaurador) route to reach Diagonal- Bruc station or Valencia.

From here, you can reach La Sagrada in a few minutes.

If you want to cover the distance from La Sagrada Familia to Casa Mila, take the bus towards the El Carmel route.

Another option is to take Bus Line 34. However, the route is lengthy and requires a transfer of buses.

Walk from Casa Mila for 11 minutes to the Rosselló – Bruc station and take the N6 bus line towards Les Roquetes.

Get down at Rosselló – Bailèn and, after a 15-minute transfer, go to Pg. De Sant Joan – Rosselló.

After you arrive here, take the N4 bus line towards Canyelles and cover the distance in one minute.

Reach the Pg. De Sant Joan – Pl Mossèn Jacint Verdaguer station and walk for a few minutes to Sagrada Familia.

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By Taxi

Getting a taxi is the fastest way to reach Casa Mila from La Sagrada.

You can hire a cab from Casa and cover the distance in just four minutes.

This also heavily depends on the traffic in the area at the time.

By Walk

If you are in Barcelona and want to get the pulse of the city, admire its streets and secret passages by opting to walk to Casa Mila.

The distance between the two attractions is just one kilometer (0.6 miles), so you can easily walk between the two.

You can reach La Sagrada Familia from Casa Mila and vice versa in 19 minutes.

If you don’t want the hassle of arranging vehicles, you can book a guided tour of Barcelona that will cover the Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila, Park Guell, and Montjuic Cable Car.

An air-conditioned minibus will take you around these attractions for just €88.

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How far is it from Casa Milà to Sagrada Família?

Casa Mila and La Sagrada Familia are one kilometre (0.6 miles) apart.

Is it cheaper to fly, bus, train or ferry from Casa Milà to Sagrada Família?

The cheapest way to travel between Casa Mila and Sagrada Familia is by subway/train.

The tickets cost €2, and it takes seven minutes to cover the distance.

What is the fastest way to get from Casa Milà to Sagrada Família?

The fastest way to get from Sagrada Familia to Casa Mila is by hiring a taxi.

The rent costs €7, and the distance is covered in three minutes.

How do I travel from Casa Milà to Sagrada Família without a car?

Without a car, you can hire a taxi, take the subway or bus, or walk to cover the distance.

You can use the transport you want depending on your budget and time constraints.

The cheapest way is to take the subway; for the fastest way, hire a taxi; for the most convenient way, take a bus.

Where does the Casa Milà to Sagrada Família bus arrive?

The Casa Mila to Sagrada Familia direct bus arrives daily at Pg de Sant Joan – Pl Mossèn Jacint Verdaguer station.

It departs every five minutes, and the journey takes about three minutes.

Featured Image : Taisia Karaseva , Alessandra Easterthere on Unsplash

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