The La Pedrera Exhibition: Where Creativity And Heritage Collides

Casa Mila-La Pedrera is primarily known for its distinctive architectural design and historical significance.

However, it occasionally hosts exhibitions and cultural events in the Espai Gaudi and Exhibition Rooms throughout the year.

La Pedrera exhibitions can vary in theme and content.

The permanent exhibitions focus on the life and work of Antoni Gaudi, while the temporary exhibitions feature a variety of themes and artists.

These exhibitions provide visitors with additional insights into the world of artists, with an audiovisual documentary providing insights into their work and lives.

Where to watch La Pedrera Exhibitions

The Exhibition Hall on the upper first floor serves as a venue for exhibitions, hosting musical concerts, and cultivating your appreciation for culture.

You can see the exhibitions by purchasing a regular entry ticket to Casa Mila. So, grab your tickets now and avoid the last-minute disappointment of selling out.

The Permanent Exhibit at Espai Gaudi

In Casa Mila, specifically on the fourth floor, you will encounter Espai Gaudí, a visual space in the attic constructed with 270 parabolic arches.

You can experience a comprehensive exhibition exclusively dedicated to the life and work of Gaudí.

And discover sculptures, models, photographs, and videos that offer an in-depth exploration of Gaudí’s life and architectural achievements.

Casa Mila Ongoing Exhibitions

Casa Mila Ongoing Exhibitions

1. Antonio López Retrospective Exhibition

Duration: 22 September 2023 – 14 January 2024

The exhibition presents the works of Antonio López, a prominent figure in the Spanish realist movement of the second half of the 20th century. 

Known for his slow and meticulous production, López’s art explores reality as a starting point, focusing on details, corners, tranquility, and austerity.

This Casa Milà – La Pedrera exhibition is the first retrospective monographic exhibition of Antonio López in Barcelona, featuring around eighty works—including paintings, sculptures, and drawings—spanning seven decades of his career.

Casa Mila Upcoming Exhibitions

Casa Mila Upcoming Exhibitions

1.Miquel Barceló: Ceramics Exhibition

Duration: 8 March to 30 June 2024

This major exhibition highlights the ceramic work of Miquel Barceló, a renowned artist born in Felanitx in 1957.

It is the first exhibition of its kind in Barcelona in twenty-five years.

The showcase includes pieces created from 1995 to the present, complemented by paintings and works on paper.

The exhibition delves into Barceló’s exploration of themes such as still life and landscapes alongside bronzes cast based on his ceramic pieces.

Barbara Hepworth and Her Contemporaries Modern Sculpture

2. Barbara Hepworth and Her Contemporaries: Modern Sculpture

Duration: 3 October 2024 to 2 February 2025

This exhibition will be focused on the abstract work of Barbara Hepworth, a sculptor born in Wakefield in 1903.

Her predominant stone sculptures engage in a profound dialogue with Casa Milà, placing her work within the context of other leading sculptors of her time.

Including Henry Moore, Constantin Brancusi, Isamu Noguchi, Jorge Oteiza, Jean Arp, and Louise Bourgeois.

It aims to showcase the abstract expressions of these artists and their impact on modern sculpture. 

Audiovisuals during the Exhibitions

1. Antonio Lopez

The documentary focuses on Antonio López and is displayed in the La Pedrera Exhibition Room throughout the period.

It is an exceptional document, providing insights into the artist’s work and creative process.

It also offers a glimpse into the conceptualization and preparation of an exhibition in the unique space of La Pedrera.

2. Jaume Plensa 

The documentary on Jaume Plensa captures the exceptional relationship between this highly esteemed contemporary sculptor and the work of Antoni Gaudí.

The film aims to portray the process of reflection, planning, and execution of a large-scale exhibition in the UNESCO-declared world heritage building, La Pedrera.

Casa Mila Events

La Pedrera – Casa Mila also hosts various events throughout the year, including concerts, lectures, and workshops. Some recent events have included:

  • A Night at La Pedrera: A concert series featuring classical and jazz musicians
  • Gaudí’s Legacy: A lecture series by experts on Gaudí’s life and work

Family Workshops: A series of workshops for families with children of all ages

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Casa Mila at night
Opening hours


Do the activities and family workshops include a visit?

Yes, Casa Milà activities and family workshops include visiting the building. 

The activities are designed to be a fun and educational way for families to learn about Gaudí’s work and the history of Casa Milà.

You can book your tickets online in advance.

Can I visit La Pedrera-Casa Milà with a stroller?

Strollers are not allowed inside La Pedrera. Hence, using a baby carrier backpack is recommended. 

This is because some areas of the building, such as the roof, are not accessible with a stroller.

Can children under the age of 10 visit La Pedrera Virtual Experience?

Children under 10 cannot visit the La Pedrera Virtual Experience. This is because the Microsoft HoloLens 2 device is not suitable for them.

The HoloLens 2 is a mixed-reality headset that creates realistic holographic images.

What is the Mixed Reality of the La Pedrera Virtual Experience? Can I get dizzy or feel disoriented?

Mixed reality (MR) is very different from other experiences, such as those based on virtual reality (VR). 

In VR, you are entirely immersed in a simulated environment. In MR, you are still aware of the real world, even as you interact with virtual objects. 

This makes MR a safer and more pleasant experience, especially for people new to it.

Featured Image: Lapedrera.com

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